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Our Lives Through the Royal Years (The Reign of Queen Elizabeth II)“ was an intergenerational project bringing together different communities in Skelmersdale to share their experience of life over the past seventy years. The project collaborated with older people, schools, colleges and community groups with community involvement a key driving force.
The project looked at themes such as family life, employment, women in society, technology and changes in social attitudes. Community engagements were carried out throughout the project duration at The Sewing Rooms and other venues throughout Skelmersdale.

The project aim was to impact the community in four key ways;

1. Heritage - Awareness, Engagement & Celebration
Reach new audiences and bring people together in fun activities so heritage is accessible, changing perspectives on how people understand heritage, making it relevant to their lives.

2. People Skills Development
Training 15 volunteers to develop new skills, gain confidence and work with new people.

3. Health
Engage with older people to reduce isolation, and give them opportunities to mix with younger people sharing experiences.

4. Community
The project will have a positive impact on community identity, and build stronger bonds and networks.

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