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Heritage Champions

The Inclusivity Learning Department at West Lancashire College supports adults with additional needs and through our collaboration they became our Heritage Champions. Over six weeks the Inclusivity group developed their own Heritage History with each participant interviewing, photographing and videoing the community.

Project Activities


1. Workshops

Storytelling techniques, interviews, photography, art, poetry, video.
2. Interviews

Practice interviews to capture personal stories and experiences.
3. Photography

Photography skills to provide participants with opportunities to document their heritage.
4. Community Engagement

Exhibition to showcase the work and participants engage with the wider community.



1. Recorded History

A collection of interviews, photographs, art, poetry and videos to be Exhibited and Archived.
2. Community Event

Exhibition showcasing the work with Inclusivity representation.
3. Improved Skills

Participants gain new skills in storytelling, art, photography, poetry and a love for heritage conservation.



1. Self-Expression

Participants with additional needs finding a creative outlet to express themselves.
2. Increased Confidence

Improved self-esteem and confidence as participants see their work represented in the community.
3. Community Inclusivity

Greater awareness of people with additional needs within the community.
4. Knowledge Preservation

Preservation of cultural heritage through the stories and experiences of the Inclusivity group, an under represented voice.

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