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Oral Heritage Groups

The Oral Heritage Groups were established through collaborative efforts with five Skelmersdale social enterprises and community groups dedicated to serving under-represented communities. These encompass individuals with disabilities, the elderly, vulnerable community members and refugees, offering invaluable insights into a wide spectrum of lived experiences.



Friends of the Tawd Valley

Friends of the Tawd Valley are a community group who preserve the environment of Skelmersdale’s river and wildlife. They involve people of all ages and abilities in maintenance and improvement activities.

Artz Centre CIC

The Artz Centre CIC provides the Skelmersdale community with arts training and life skills through their creative academy.

Divine Days CIC

Divine Days CIC work with people with additional needs helping them into full time work through a mentorship program.

Skem Men Aces FC

Skem Men Aces FC are a community football team of men with additional needs.

The Sewing Rooms CIC

The Sewing Rooms CIC works with the community on numerous creative projects that involve learning new skills integrated with improved wellbeing.

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